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Youth Code Jam

When:  Saturday, September 24 
Where:  ESC Region 20, 1314 Hines Rd. 


Your support in helping our kids learn how to program is powering up San Antonio's STEM ecosystem by plugging students into immersive coding activities, sparking their curiosity and creativity and inspiring them to seek more learning. 

This community-wide event is currently San Antonio’s largest youth coding event – and it's growing again. Now that there's access to a larger space with all the technical specifications required, it's estimated there  will be between 450 and 500 students and parents participating. That’s going to take a team of some 150 volunteer mentors and significant funding. We not only can do it…we know we must.

Youth Code Jam serves as a unique opportunity to spark interest and build confidence, especially for those who might not think of themselves as "math and science kids.” Helping these students build an identity as a successful STEM learner is especially important if we want to attract a diverse technology workforce, particularly when it comes to students under-represented in technology today – girls, low income students and students of color. But it’s more than just attracting students to the tech workforce. Coding accelerates the learning of all kinds of useful skills – like computational thinking, critical problem solving and logic.

So, why should you support Youth Code Jam?  Because we are making a difference with your help.

  • Engaging parents: 95% of the parents attending our events leave feeling better equipped to help their children pursue technology education.
  • Reaching undeserved and low income students: More than half the students attending our events qualify for free school lunch, and for most, Youth Code Jam is their first introduction to learning to code.
  • Inspiring an interest in coding: 99% of our kids learn something new at our events, and 73% show more interest in technology six months after attending.
  • Increasing diversity: 43% of our students are girls; 68% identify as ethnic minorities

Please help us continue to build the tech ecosystem in San Antonio through our work in getting kids excited about computer science, helping them build confidence in their skills and inspiring them to imagine themselves in the emerging technology-driven jobs of tomorrow. 

Attached is our partnership package. Thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration. I stand ready to visit with you anytime to address any questions or thoughts you may have.

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